Crackers Rings Snowflake 340g

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A special bread baked exclusively from rye flour. We took over the old bread baking technologies from grandmothers, therefore, “Biržų Senolių” duona stays fresh and uniquely delicious for a long time. The bread is formed by hands, so each loaf is unique, made with a special touch. By the way, did you know that the taste of this bread varies depending on how thick a slice you cut? Be sure to give it a try! 100% rye. Free of hydrogenated fats. Without wheat flour. Matured with sourdough. Vegan-friendly. Formed by hands. Produced in Lithuania.
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The choice of this taste is not accidental - for two centuries, Plombier remains one of the most favorite desserts in the world. Invented Plombier at the beginning of the XIX century in France in the town of Plobier-les-Bains. At that time, it was considered a special privilege, it was served only at the court, and the secret of its preparation was kept in the strictest secrecy. Today the "Udarnitsa" masters took advantage of this old French recipe and combined it with the original traditions of producing marshmallows in chocolate to create a new delicious dessert.