Preserves and Soups

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Picture of CLEARANCE-Syrup Blackcurrant Lowicz 400ml

CLEARANCE-Syrup Blackcurrant Lowicz 400ml

BEST BEFORE: 31.01.2024
$8.99 $6.50
Picture of CLEARANCE-Syrup Chokeberry Herbapol 420ml

CLEARANCE-Syrup Chokeberry Herbapol 420ml

BEST BEFORE: 14.01.2024
$5.99 $4.50
Picture of Jam Blackcurrant Confiture Lowicz 240g
Picture of Mix Peach jelly Winiary 75g
Picture of Soup Red Borsh Winiary 170g
Picture of Soup Zurek Winary 49g

Soup Zurek Winary 49g

$2.99 $2.50
Picture of Pickles Puree Orzel 270g

Pickles Puree Orzel 270g

Picture of Pickles Classic Homemade Orzel 800g
Picture of Pickles Dill Home Style in jar Orzel 280g
Picture of Pickles Dill Home Style Orzel 750g
Picture of Pickles Dill Spicy Home Style in jar Orzel 750g
Picture of Grain Barley Melvit 400g

Grain Barley Melvit 400g

The groats contain a lot of potassium, iron and calcium. There are also such elements: copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, strontium, iodine, chromium, bromine, and also phosphorus.
Picture of Grain Pearl Barley 400g Cenos
Picture of Grains Barley Bulgur Melvit 400g
Picture of Grains Barley Groats Mazurska Melvit 400g
Picture of Grains Pearl Barley Cenos 1kg
Picture of Tea Sage 50g

Tea Sage 50g

Picture of Tea Stinging Nettle

Tea Stinging Nettle