New Sweet Treats

New Arrivals: Discover a tempting assortment of gingerbread, cookies in various flavors and textures, candies bursting with fruity or creamy goodness, decadent chocolate bars in dark, milk, and white varieties, beautifully packaged boxes of chocolates perfect for gifting or enjoying yourself, colorful lollipops for a playful treat, and an array of other sweets to satisfy your cravings.

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Picture of  Chocolate Bar with chocolate filling Babaevsky 50g

Chocolate Bar with chocolate filling Babaevsky 50g

A bar "Babaevsky" with a chocolate filling - for the most uncompromising chocolate lovers. A thick-walled case made of classic dark chocolate "Babaevsky" filled to the top with a viscous, velvety chocolate-cognac filling with a slight nutty tinge in taste. The light bitterness of chocolate is intertwined with a viscous duet of cocoa and cognac. Chocolate in 3D, for those who understand.
Picture of Biscuits Condensed Milk Dimka 195g
Picture of Biscuits Eugenia Original 360g

Biscuits Eugenia Original 360g

For Romanians, Eugenia cookies are more than just a brand, it is the taste of childhood, student years and just youth, and for those who live abroad, it is also the taste of their home.
Picture of Biscuits Grandma's Apricot Patisimo 400g
Picture of Biscuits Honey Mood Morozov 430g
Picture of Biscuits Letters Ural 400g

Biscuits Letters Ural 400g

Babies usually like when you can play with letters with fold words, especially when they are also edible. Enjoy your kids with a delicate taste!
Picture of Biscuits Rahat Accasa 300g
Picture of Biscuits Strawberry Mood Morozov 430g
Picture of Biscuits with Condensed Milk Korovka 280g
Picture of Biscuits with Sugar & Baked Milk Ural 370g
Picture of Biscuits with Sugar Ushki Franzeluta 350g
Picture of Biscuits Zoo shapes 500g

Biscuits Zoo shapes 500g

Short dough cookies in the form of animals, made according to the classical unified recipe