Biscuits Mushrooms Mixed Colours Slapaberzes 250g

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Cottage Cheese BANDI 15% fat - 250g

Probably everyone knows that cottage cheese is one of the most useful fermented milk products. In addition to excellent taste qualities, curd has many healing and healing properties for the body. Unique properties of cottage cheese are due to the technology of manufacturing this product. During the preparation of cottage cheese, the most valuable components are extracted from milk - easily digestible protein and milk fat.
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Marshmallow Cream Wawel 100 g

Marshmallow Cream Wawel (Królewskie Mleczko Śmietankowe) is a light and fluffy cream marshmallow, coated with dark chocolate that melts in your mouth. Its round shape and flat form allow you to fully enjoy the subtlety and unique taste of the product. The product is free of emulsifier E476, dyes, and artificial flavors.
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Bread Rye Whole Grain Birzu Duona 800g

Our pride, a representative of deep traditions in the rye bread family: whole grain, 100% rye, aged with sourdough and without yeast. You will recognize it by its crispy thick crust: yes, like my grandmother used to bake in the village. 100% rye. Free of hydrogenated fats. Without wheat flour. Without yeast. Matured with sourdough. Vegan-friendly. Formed by hands. Whole-grain flour. Produced in Lithuania.
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CLEARANCE-Jam Plum Lowicz 290g

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