Chocolate & Sweets

Indulge your senses with the fluffy sweetness of zefir, the nutty richness of halva, the decadent allure of chocolate candies, and the heavenly perfection of cakes. Each treat is crafted with care and attention to detail, using the finest ingredients to ensure a taste experience that is truly unforgettable. Explore our sweets and confections category and let your taste buds dance with delight!

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Picture of  Chocolate Bar with chocolate filling Babaevsky 50g

Chocolate Bar with chocolate filling Babaevsky 50g

A bar "Babaevsky" with a chocolate filling - for the most uncompromising chocolate lovers. A thick-walled case made of classic dark chocolate "Babaevsky" filled to the top with a viscous, velvety chocolate-cognac filling with a slight nutty tinge in taste. The light bitterness of chocolate is intertwined with a viscous duet of cocoa and cognac. Chocolate in 3D, for those who understand.
Picture of Bagels with Poppy Seeds Danvita Merc 300g

Bagels with Poppy Seeds Danvita Merc 300g

Bagels are prepared according to a classic recipe from a custard batter.
Picture of Biscuits Baked Milk Flavour For Coffee Rochen 370g
Picture of Biscuits Baked Milk For Coffee Roshen 185g
Picture of Biscuits Be-Be Jutrzenka 16g
Picture of Biscuits Buttery Jutrzenka 100g
Picture of Biscuits Condensed Milk Dimka 195g
Picture of Biscuits Eugenia Original 360g

Biscuits Eugenia Original 360g

For Romanians, Eugenia cookies are more than just a brand, it is the taste of childhood, student years and just youth, and for those who live abroad, it is also the taste of their home.
Picture of Biscuits Letters Ural 400g

Biscuits Letters Ural 400g

Babies usually like when you can play with letters with fold words, especially when they are also edible. Enjoy your kids with a delicate taste!
Picture of Biscuits Mini Yarich ABC 160g
Picture of Biscuits Oat Amberye 400g
Picture of Biscuits Petit Beurre Yarych 200g
Picture of Biscuits Rahat Accasa 300g
Picture of Biscuits Sticks with Cherry Filling Krakuski 144g
Picture of Biscuits Strawberry Mood Morozov 430g
Picture of Biscuits Teddy Bear Gerber 180g

Biscuits Teddy Bear Gerber 180g

$11.99 $10.00
Picture of Biscuits with Cinnamon & Sugar Franzeluta 300g